Top Mobile Phones to Buy on Contract Today

Top Mobile Phones to Buy on Contract Today

2019 is about to end and it is always a good idea to enter the new year with a new smartphone in your hand. Especially after the launch of the much-awaited iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro. Nowadays, a smartphone is more than just a tool to commute; it is also a gateway to your social life, your computer, your tablet, your browser, your office and much more. But, in the market full of choices it is difficult to choose whether to opt for a professional camera or easy to understand interface, a Metal body or waterproof feature, a mobile contract or a sim only contract? We have made the choice easier for you and brought the following best deals on mobile phones today:

  • Apple iPhone 11: The first one is the obvious choice. The current talk of the world, it is none other than the iPhone 11. The 64 GB variant of iPhone 11 in the colour white can be yours with just an upfront payment of £ 175. This comes with a 2-year contract with Vodafone that includes unlimited 5G data and unlimited minutes at just £ 39 per month. Sounds like a very lucrative deal with average cost of just £ 46.29.

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro: The second one on our list is the most trending phone of the year thanks to its triple camera, the iPhone 11 Pro. The silver variant can be yours at an upfront payment of just £164.99. This 64 GB phone comes with Vodafone Unlimited Lite Plan of £56Vodafone that includes unlimited 5G data and unlimited minutes. At an average cost of £ 62.87 this phone can be yours with a 2-year contract.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10: This Samsung Flagship comes with an upfront price tag of as low as your dinner bill. A 256 GB Aura Black variant can be yours for £29.00. it comes along with a 24-month EE new contract that offers 4G data free up to 60 GB, unlimited minutes, and unlimited texts. The monthly cost of £48.00 is the best bargain for this note series dual sim phone. More than anything it’s the innovation of Samsung and specs of this phone that makes is worth buying.

  • Huawei P30 Pro: Usually you do not expect a Chinese manufacturer to be in a top list with Apple and Samsung, but Huawei P30 Pro is a class apart smartphone with specs so powerful that it deserved a mention in our list. With a £29.00 upfront payment and 2-years contract with three, you get this amazing 128 GB phone with 100 GB 4G data and unlimited minutes. A per month cost of £ 36 and average cost of £ 37.21 are lucrative bets for this masterpiece.

  • OnePlus 7 Pro: Another Chinese manufacturer with specs so high-end. Just like Huawei P30 Pro, this one also comes with the three contract of 100 GB 4G data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes. A £29.00 upfront payment will get you this dual sim 128 GB phone in dark grey colour. At an average cost of £ 41.21, you can surely put your bets on this one.

  • NOKIA 9 PureView: Once the unbeatable king of smartphone market, Nokia is trying to revamp itself with the Nokia 9 PureView smartphone. There are five cameras installed at the back of this phone and that makes it a hot selling item. The 128 GB Dual Sim, Blue Variant is available on contract with Vodafone, EE and O2. The average cost with these carriers is between £ 23-£ 25 which is a deal breaker price for this high-end camera device

So, these were our top five deals for the top five smartphones available in market today with mobile contract. Mobile contracts are a great option to get grabs that flagship smartphone by not shedding all the money at once. Instead you pay monthly for phone in small instalments. Above that you get great deal on your calls, texts and internet making it a win-win situation. So, if you had a handset on your mind and your financial situation is making you skip on the idea of buying it, think no more, just buy it on contract.