Iphone 11 Pro Max

Get the feel of a Selfie with iPhone 11 Pro Max

For years, Apple has been on the top of the chain, ruling the entire gadget world. And with time, it has only evolved, offering the best technology ever. Smartphone manufacturers are trying to outsmart professional camera and with the entry of iPhone 11 Pro Max, we think it is possible now. The long-awaited iPhone 11 Pro Max is finally available in the stores and users can’t stop praising this flagship of Apple.

Excellent battery life, impressive camera, bright and colorful, it’s the next generation phone that solves the everyday need of several gadgets. It can be your professional camera, advanced music system, and of course an easy to use interface that Apple has always been famous for.

What is it?

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the follow-up of the iPhone XR, which was the most demanded phone of the year 2018. The new release maintains a colorful glass back with the brand new addition of an extra camera. With 6.5 inches of a big OLED screen, it’s one of the best phones available for videos, movies, and games. Embedded in it is the Super Retina XDR that delivers just the right colors, brightness, and a resolution of 2,688*1,242.The A13 Bionic is the fastest chip maximizing the CPU performance by 20%. The phone claims to deliver approximately 1 trillion operations in a second with its Machine Learning Accelerators. And, all this is available at just the price of $1099.99.

What is it like to use?

Available in four colors Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Midnight Green, it feels light, wide, and a little slippery in the hands. The phone features the most secure facial authentication ever and it’s even 30% faster. You can add in Dual SIM with eSIM in it.

The camera feels a little bumpy, but it suffice the need of even professional photographers. There is a Wide Camera (12MP, f/1.8, 26mm, OIS), Ultra wide Camera (12 MP, f/2.4, 13 mm, no OIS), and Telephoto Camera (12 MP, f/2.0, 52 mm, OIS).

How long does the battery last?

In its earlier releases, apple had compromised with battery life, but things have changed in the case of Apple iPhone Pro Max. We tested the phone in our in-house lab and it lasted for approximately 41 hours. The efficient A13 chip and the larger display have bargained for an hour of extra battery in comparison to its other two versions. So, even if you are going to surf over 4G with 150 nits of brightness, the battery is going to last for a while.

How good are the cameras?

Long before the launch of this series #Slofies was trending the internet and it’s a revolution in the world of cameras. The triple-camera system has a 12 MP sensor and f/1.8 sensor, which is a way too clear than the previous ones. Its f/2.4 aperture and 120-degree fieldview allow you to capture more than just the scene. So, if you are clicking during the day time, there are more neutral colors and sometimes a warm tone. Those who are into video making more often can expect high-quality 4K videos. Even very simple scenes can be captured into something extravagant.

Is there anything I should watch out for?

Some of the users claim it to be a little wider and slippery. But, that’s okay, because the extra-wide size has allowed it to hold a better battery. However, we are expecting a more sturdy body to minimize maintenance. Till then you should invest in a reliable phone case.

Is there anything else I should know?

The iPhone 11 Pros models are the most durable phones of 2019. It comes with a high degree of water resistance and tougher glass. Plus, there are the 4*4 MIMO antennas that give faster Wi-Fi speed than any other smartphone.

Should I buy it?

If you are looking for a Smartphone that is colorful, wide screened, performs longer, and durable, this is the one to consider. In terms of performance, it’s the best phone till date, but there could have been a little improvement concerning sturdiness. Good battery, widescreen, and smart cameras are better than any smartphone out there. All in all it’s the best Mobile contract you can get into. You can also buy it on EMI as a Pay Monthly phone.