7 Stunning Christmas Handsets to Buy!

7 Stunning Christmas Handsets to Buy!

After a year of several major handset releases, from the Samsung Galaxy to the iPhone models, which device should you like to buy, and are there any bargain phones out there this Christmas eve?
We help you choose between Apple’s and some of the superb Android phones to come out this year. Alternatively, check out our in-depth tech Christmas buying guide for Mobile phones direct with a vast range of gifts for tech-lovers.

1. Google Pixel 2
Google has disclosed its new Pixel 2 smartphone, including artificial intelligence first. It also has the best cameras on a smartphone and features Android O, defined as Google’s latest operating system.
However, it does away with a headphone jack, combining Apple’s iPhone 7 and 8 in removing the staple quality. It features “active edge” sides that can be pressed to activate Google Assistant. Well, it was launched beside a whole host of other Google hardware, including headphones translating languages in real-time.

2. OnePlus 5T
The OnePlus 5 T is the favorite smartphone of this year, coming out with incredible flagship specifications with an immorally fast Snapdragon processor to a mid-priced phone. It upgrades on the old OnePlus 5 features a bigger, 6-inch screen that defines the entire front of the Phone. It has a powerful dual camera that can take beautiful and bright snaps with its 20MP shooter.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8
The beautiful Samsung Galaxy S8 has an all-round Edge Display, which means the phone screen slides flawlessly to the sides of the product. It also has a headphone jack. It is dust and water-resistant and features 64GB of internal storage.
It’s the best Phone this year for the price of mobile phone comparison sites. With a gorgeous screen, powerful camera, fast performance, and a five-star review, it’s probably one’s favorite Android devices this year.

4. iPhone X
The iPhone X is the expensive handset around, but it is also one of the fastest, powerful devices that money can buy. It includes an all-screen front and dual 12 MP cameras, featured for employing amplified reality technology, which inflicts virtual animations over the real world.
It also has unique look and feels, meaning you will be the greed of your friends if you can buy one. The Phone removes Touch ID, instead of depending on facial identification software to unlock the device.

5. Nokia 8
The Nokia 8 is the top Android flagship and a welcome return for the Nokia brand to the smartphone market. It’s reasonably priced at £499 and operates on a smooth, clean version of Android. Having a 5.3-inch screen, it is also comfortable to hold; its rounded edges are compatible within the hand.
Its dual camera on the rear can capture depth effect photos and also has its own signature “bothie” feature. It lets users take a front picture and a selfie at the same time.
Our primary grievance is a minuscule fingerprint scanner and the lack of a native Snake app.

6. iPhone SE
The good news for consumers is that its 4-inch screen punches well above its weight.
It features a 12MP camera on the back and starts at 32GB of storage, though this can be raised to 128GB.

7. OnePlus 7T
Many tech reviewers praise the OnePlus 7T for its performance and camera. A £29.00 upfront payment will get you this dual sim 128 GB phone in Glacier Blue color. The Phone comes with the three contracts of 100 GB 4G data, unlimited texts, and unlimited minutes. At an average cost of £ 45.21, you can surely put your bets on this one. OnePlus has built an active market for itself thanks to its high-end features and an affordable price tag for a flagship device.
8. Google Pixel 3a
Although Pixel 3a is not Google’s flagship device, it still makes one of the best Christmas presents. When Google decided to jump into a mobile business, they knew expectations would be high, and honestly, they lived up to all the expectations. Google Pixel 3a can be bought without any upfront payment on an O2 contract. At an average cost of just £29.79 and quality excellence of Google, this is a seal-deal. The Phone has brought back the long-lost headphone jack, so there is no more fear of losing air pods.
Experience best with exciting mobile phone deals free gifts this Christmas and happy purchasing!